Sunday, December 28, 2008

Next Year's Tree

I talked Mark into taking me to Michael's in Idaho Falls the day after Christmas, you know, to take advantage of 70% off deals on all things Christmas decor. I found there a GOLDMINE! I got silver picks, silver, cream and gold ribbon, an adorable stocking for Charlie (that I will SO be tracing to make more stockings as we add to the family) and a few other goodies. I love shopping for holidays after they're over! Next year's tree will not bear the same gold ribbon and red flowers of the last four Christmases. No friends, I bought some flashy gold poinsettia flowers last year but didn't use them with the red this year. To the current scheme I will add the gold picks, but Next Year's Tree will be entirely decked out in silver and gold! It will include the cream/gold/silver ribbon (absolutely gorgeous!), gold flowers, silver picks, and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. I can't wait to see it! (Wait... this coming from the woman who refuses to take her tree down until mid-January because of the time spent lovingly decorating it only a month before? Already looking forward to doing it all over again?) Yes friends. I love sales. I could go broke saving money.


tonksfam said...

A silver and gold Christmas tree? Go Vandals!

Johnna Jayne said...

That's awesome you got some sweet deals. I've been trying to convince myself to do the same thing the past couple years but I just can't break down and buy something I don't get to use til the next year.

Dorese @ Dorese's Pieces said...

It's like a mega Christmas present to myself next year when I open the bins and see all my treasures I found this year but forgot about. It's the same thing as if I went to the store next November and bought it all, but for a fraction of the price! :)

Breezi said...

HAHA... that is totally me..
I go broke on sales too! I LOVE buying a good bargain.
I once went grocery shopping at saved more than I spent. I was jumpin' up and down, I was that excited. Chip then burst my bubble saying "yeah... but you spent $75 on things we don't eat!". Ohh well... at least it was on sale! haha..