Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family pictures

Despite the images seen below, all members of the Cornelison family are happy, loving, and gentle beings. Thank you.

With every vacation or photographic journey we embark on, I always insist we get some pictures, in addition to all of the things we are seeing, of ourselves. This has tended to become a point of contention in our marriage from time to time; the record keeper vs. the working man. Well this record keeper had a stroke of luck when, a few weeks ago, we found out that a lady in our church is putting together a directory of our whole congregation, complete with family pictures! Of course, the Man says "heck no I'm not standing in front of those painted cinder blocks for some point-and-shoot camera, grumble, grumble...." so we found ourselves setting up a studio in our living room to accomplish the task of getting a family picture taken care of. Not because wifey wants one, but for the directory. Whatever it takes.

The next issue was whether or not to include our overly-spoiled dog (who acts and is treated more like our child than our pet) in these pictures. This became another point of contention until we actually found the lady at church one week and asked her (to my shame and embarrassment) if our dog could be in our picture. Of course he can, she says.

Of course he can.

Following, please enjoy the results of said photo shoot. Please note and disregard the fact that Mark is wearing pajamas. This was just the test run.

This is where it all started. I think Charlie was barking, but doesn't it look like he's trying to bite Mark's face off? More importantly, isn't it fascinating that with all those teeth so close to his face, Mark is still managing to look at the camera?

And it only went downhill from there...

When Mark would get up to tinker with the camera, Charlie would calm down (albeit only a tad). However, he seemed to know when it was time for the camera to click again, because this was the result:

We tried holding his mouth to at least have him looking at the camera...I think this one's pretty good. You really found yourself believing this dog is a gentle, happy boy, am I right?

These next two may or may not have been taken in succession. I can't remember.
I think this is my favorite of the day. I love the bored indifference on our faces in stark contrast to the expression on Charlie's.

We call this one Python.

Is it just me, or do these look photoshopped? (Surely you understand "photoshopped" falls into the same category as "googled".) With the exception of the third picture down, which I cropped, the only thing I did with them was to reduce their size so I could upload them to this post.


tonksfam said...

Wait a minute. If my memory serves me correctly, it was the "working man" who took OUR picture in front of the painted CMU blocks in Moscow! But at least there were those wonderfully fake trees, right? ;)

I had no idea Charlie could open his mouth wide enough to actually swallow himself!

Amy said...

Our pups definitely need to meet! It is so nice to see a grown up Charlie picture--thanks for that! And what an expressive pup he is! I don't think I've ever seen such a wide mouth. lol

I love that he is in your family picture! Our family pictures include our punk pup too.

Susannah said...

Dorese, that is hilarious! Makes me miss you guys tons!

KT said...

OH my heck these are HILARIOUS!! I was Laughing the Whole Time I scrolled through them. They are definatly ONE OF A KIND!Love it, but are you SURE your don't have a rabid dog????

Emily said...

Those are hilarious friend! I love them! Miss you!