Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's play a game: day 3

Today, let's meet Melanie, Amy, Brittany, Erin, and Mindy - five ordinary women who happen to be sisters, otherwise known as the Sisters Cafe.

I discovered this treat of a blog last year when a friend posted a recipe linking back to them. I spent subsequent days clicking "older posts" at the bottom of every page until I had viewed most of their posted recipes and printed off so many of them that they now have their own binder on my cookbook shelf. I love the recipes they choose to share, the pictures they take, the format their recipes are posted in. I love their devotion to each other and their families, and especially to their mother. And I love every recipe I've tried. Here are just a few to get your mouth watering!

Barbeque Chicken Pizza :

Homemade Chicken Stock:

And a personal favorite: their grandmother's cinnamon rolls. Let me just say that I've tried MANY cinnamon roll recipes and not really loved any of them. Then I had an assignment to take a pan of them to a function, so I did what any desparate woman would do: tried a brand new recipe and prayed they would turn out. And they were DELICIOUS! The best cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted! Try them out this weekend and tell me what you think!

"Perfectly Wonderful" Cinnamon Rolls:

Go take a look at this little gem of a blog and report back! Do you like the looks of things over there? Do the recipes fit your style and the needs of your family?

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