Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For your consideration

I realized yesterday as I pulled pictures from older posts of Charlie and Max that I hadn't posted anything.  At all.  Except very early puppy pictures.  And Charlie is almost 2.  So tonight I'm going through the "Mama's Boys" folder of my manic picture organization system to find updated pictures of both of them.  Pictures of the hubby have also found their way into that folder somehow.  I have no knowledge of how they may have ended up there, and, therefore, cannot be held responsible.  Thank you. 

Anyway, I found this picture of Maxwell that I could NOT ignore, nor could I continue to look at other pictures while not doing something to share this particular picture. 

A little background:  
We were both home for lunch, and we occasionally give the boys something with their food to make it nice... for us so we can eat in peace and still spend some time with them while we're home.  
So this particular day, Mark feels that the dogs need something special.  And what to give them but... whey protein powder, naturally!  (We had a sample of this to try incorporating into Mark's diet).

I present, for your consideration, Maxwell Meets Whey Protein Powder

I realize this is a really terrible picture. But between the frantic seizure-like movements of a happy puppy and the convulsive movement of a photographer laughing so hard he's crying... some situations just can't be helped. 

Things to take note of: 
bulging belly
dirty paws
chunks of wet powder clinging to every whisker we didn't even know he had
enormous tongue that reaches over the top of his nose
Nearly empty food dishes, flat giant tennis ball, and scattered dog food in background (feed time at the zoo lunch time with the boys can be quite eventful!)



tonksfam said...

He's HUGE! When did he get that big? I don't think that dog needs protein powder, whey or not. He needs a shot to keep him a puppy.

(Nate still talks about Charlie running down the stairs to get the ball. And Marie now says "Woof." We need to visit you guys again.)

Dorese @ Dorese's Pieces said...

Amazingly, I'm finding myself in complete agreement! We'll take you in any time!