Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden update!

Here's another installment in the unofficial series Makin' Mama Proud
I'm sure she loves seeing these pictures! 

This is one of the Big Bertha Sweet peppers I planted (I have two varieties in there).
It's hard to tell from this angle, but the pepper is already 6 inches long and still has half its growing season to go!

This picture is just a close-up to show you how I staked them down. 
In my last garden post, I asked about supporting the droopy tomato plants, and this is what I came up with:
12-inch tall dowel rods, and old knee-high panty hose. As these mondo peppers grow larger by the day, I needed to support them as well as the tomatoes.

 Here are some of the blooms on one of the "Bell Boy" regular bell pepper plants.

Here's a close-up of one of my tomatoes :)
This is one of two fruits on the 4th of July plant (I planted one of these, and 4 Goliath plants)

Here's the vegetable bed!
(Far cry from this picture I last showed you, eh?)
The huge-o plant handing over the edge is one of the Goliath variety tomato plants.
The rows of plants in this picture are, from right to left: 
strawberries (3), tomatoes (5), peppers (8), onions (10), and herbs (2 chives, 2 parsley)

I just picked a whole bowl of strawberries yesterday (mostly off of one plant!), but these two weren't quite ripe yet, so I just got them today.

Here's a look at the Acid Lover's bed. :)
This one has 4 blueberry bushes in it, and about 10 raspberry plants.

The raspberries are coming along GREAT!
I can't wait for some fresh smoothies this summer! :)

As far as whether the blueberry bushes would thrive, or even survive, in my experimental pH bed,
this picture should answer the query:
This is ONE PLANT. Those huge leaves on the right are part of the plant in the front left, back left, center, and back right of the picture. (See the how much they've grown, here.)  One plant! :)

Some more of the season's early bounty
{LOVE these little sweeties!}


Anonymous said...

How'd you make the acid lover's bed? Great idea!

Ronda Batchelor said...

The garden looks great,ours is not doing so good this summer. Thanks for the help on my faucet hunt.