Thursday, August 26, 2010

... and we're back!

Whew!  That little break turned into more than a month!  Sorry for my unexpected absence! 

We'll return to regular posting starting today! I've got some good stuff to share over the next while, and can't wait!  I was just uploading the pictures off of my



...and came across some I had forgot about from a few weeks ago.

We had a crazy, unusual storm come through one evening a few weeks ago.  We walked outside, saw the sky, and jumped in the car to go see it in a more open area.  We forgot to grab the big camera bag, but luckily, I had my purse with me. :)

I grew up in NE Ohio, where the grass is naturally green, the trees are plenty, and the rolling hills are just beautiful.  We moved to Idaho when I was 13, and I've lived in different parts of the state since.

Some parts are less humid than others... and we happen to live in an area that is classified as 
"high plains desert"

I still have family in the "Middle East" as I like to refer to the area just east of the Midwest, and every time I visit, I think "some day I'll move away from the desert. Someday..."

But I've never seen so many breathtaking sunsets as I see here, all summer long...

...this particular sunset was an exception, however.  
Every direction we looked, the sky looked completely different.


We took all of these pictures within the span of about 10 minutes as the sun set. 
 We were in a park next to a lake, so we just turned around in circles shooting the sky with my little point-and-shoot camera (sorry for the quality on some)

This next one shows the wind...

Looking at these pictures helps remind me to look for the beauty around me.
Sometimes I get caught up in the sage brush and sparse landscapes, lack of trees and general changes in topography.  But then I see a beautiful sunset, and I am reminded of that tiny little thing called perspective.

What do you do to find beauty in your surroundings?



Johnna Jayne said...

I am in the same boat! I went up to North Idaho for a week and I swear I went into a depression for at least a month afterward. There's just nothing quite like home. Every now and then I'll see a cactus or two that I like though.

Missy G said...

those are beautiful pictures...I think it's clouds that make the sunset - when there aren't any clouds, sunsets don't seem quite as superb