Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chocolate = Love

I have been pondering of late, something along the following lines: "Why is it that you hear women talk about how they can't live without chocolate? The same women who have "Chocolate=Life" magnets on their fridges, and bumper stickers on their minivans?" The thought pattern most recently evolved to "oh my heck, I've become one of them! How does such a thing happen?!?" And then, just a few moments ago, I found the most perfect quote, that until recently would not have merited so much as a passing glance from me...

"You didn’t know that chocolate has a look? Oh yes, it is one of unadulterated satisfaction coupled with relief, and a smidgen of unconditional love; a little dab’ll do ya."

I tell you, simply fabulous. This was written by a woman who was writing a blog about bribing her children with chocolate to get them to do what she wanted. She had the most hilarious picture of her teenage daughter, whose face matched the quote exactly. And she described my thoughts of late to a T.

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