Friday, March 21, 2008

House, Part 3: A Sampling

Welcome back, friends, for the next installment of Home Improvement with the Cornelisons!
In this issue, we wish to share with you a sampling of the work we've been doing over the last week. Check it out!
These are the rosettes, freshly painted, which will adorn all of the doorways and windows. You may need to use all of your toes as well as your fingers to be able to count all of those babies! (We bought 90 of them.)

Oh look! Mark is tapin' and muddin' the wall we sheetrocked earlier that day. Good thing he doesn't know I'm taking his picture right now, or he would know I was goofing around taking pictures of everything, instead of cleaning up the mess I made.
"We Haven't Forgotten Who Keeps Us In Business."
I'm considering writing poetry about my affinity for joint compound.

Beautiful, beautiful joint compound
My soul sings for thee...
Ok, I'll stop now.

Remember this? Yeah, it won't be that hideous color much longer. I think we're painting tonight.

See that beautiful texturing? You know what makes that, don't you?
(If not, see the Ode to Joint Compound above.)
Cool lookin' light, huh? I love Autumn. : )
This is the MDF trim we have begun to stockpile. It will be painted to match the rosettes in the first picture, and used to case in the doorways and windows. Similar trim boards will be used around the bases of the walls, though it will be taller and thicker.

Mark is finished for the night. Doesn't that look nice? This job would put a contractor to shame. He does such a good job with his projects, and this one was certainly no exception. I'm so lucky to have found such a well-rounded guy with so many talents he is so good at!


tonksfam said...

Busy bees!!!

Ben and Jade said...

I am loving your adventures of home improvement. Have you considered buying stock in your beloved joint compound? We miss you guys.