Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thanks, Debi!

I want to tell you about my friend Debi. First of all, she and I met several years ago when we were both basically engaged but not telling anyone yet...and we found out we had quite a few things in common! It was just too easy to be friends after that; we each got married a few months later, on the same day, in the same temple, only an hour apart... and that was only the beginning! Mark and Rob both graduated from U of I last May, and they moved to Montana while we moved to Blackfoot. Sad, I know. Three cheers for Google Talk for helping people keep in touch across the miles! Anyway, Debi is so friendly, loving, talented, caring, and hilarious. She's just one of those make-you-feel-good-no-matter-what types. Know someone like that?

So here's the thing: I had wanted to incorporate more of Mark's photography into the blog somehow, but only while talking today to Debi did the idea finally come to me: make my own header! So, with much thanks to her tremendous talent and wonderful help, I offer you the new and improved blog, featuring more of our own talents and less of some teenager who gets paid by Pyzam. Debi is a graphic designer, and she is always full of ideas for beautiful and creative things! Thanks again Debi, for all of your help with so many projects, and again for your assistance this afternoon!

So what's the consensus on the new layout? I think we're going to leave it here for a while, or rather, leave the general style, but maybe just change out the picture in the header. For some background information, this is a picture Mark took last Spring of some lilies he bought me for Valentines Day. He was doing some artsy-fartsy stuff with super long exposures one night when he couldn't sleep, and, if you can believe it, this picture was an accident! He hated it, naturally, but I convinced him to keep it. He was setting up for another shot at the time, so the flowers moved a bit during the exposure, giving the picture a dream-like haze and softness. I, naturally, loved it.

Let us know what you think... and if you happen to see a shot one day while you're perusing Mark's stuff on our Flickr site that strikes your fancy for a new header idea for us, by all means, let me know! I'm sure you can see my somewhat erratic mind in how often and how drastically I've changed this thing around the the few months we've been doing this, so indulge me! :D


Super Angie said...

Heart, heart, heart, heart the new header! Awesome picture! Kudos to Mark, even if it was an accident. :)

tonksfam said...

*blush* Dorese, you're just awesome. That's all there is to it.

I showed the picture to Rob and he said it looked like something from a dream - almost saying word for word what you said about it! Not many people can have beautiful accidents in photography :) Go Mark!

Missy G said...

I think that your new layout is great, and I LOVE the header picture! It's so fun to see what amazing things we end up with by accident.

The Jensen Fam said...

Love the new header and layout. Had we known that Mark was into photography so much while we were at school, we could have done some awesome things together. Steen and I are both into it and we went to some really neat places to take pics. We have some awesome shots of the palouse, and local waterfalls, barns, ect... Hope you guys are doing well and feeling better!

Chris said...

i like the new header.. LOL