Thursday, August 7, 2008

As If I Don't Talk Enough About Myself...

I've been tagged! (Thanks, Kathryn...)

The Rules:
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•Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1. I LOVE the feeling of glass when you've just washed it with soap, and it's still wet. You know, when it's almost squeaky... This is seriously one of my favorite feelings in the world. And I can't wash dishes without stopping to admire the squeaky glass. Aaahh...

2. My favorite foods are ketchup, cheese, and creamy peanut butter (though not all together. That would just be sick. Ketchup and cheese, yes. Peanut butter and cheese, yes. Peanut butter and ketchup, no.) And along these same lines, my absolute favorite sandwich involving lunchmeat is: Ham, ketchup, and cheddar cheese, on the cheapest enriched white bread you can find. Mmm...

3. I'm a symmetry perfectionist. No really. In fact, it bothers me that the word "symmetry" is not one of those that can be spelled the same frontwards or backwards. You, know, like Hannah or racecar.

4. I love dishes. I think I inherited this little dish-loving gene from my grandma Orlandi, but I digress. Every time a piece catches my eye, I have to have it. Well, not really, or we would be broke. But I look forward to the day when I can have a china cabinet to fill with all of my lovely pieces I have (not yet begun to in any way shape or form) collected.

5. I can, and do sleep through just about anything. Really. And while we're on the subject of my quirkiness with regard to sleeping, it should be revealed that I have been accused on occasion (ok, every night for the last 3 years) to steal the bed. Most women settle for stealing the blankets, but I go right for the good stuff and just take over the bed. I maintain that if Mark would stop stealing the blankets, I wouldn't have to chase after him as he squirms away from me during the night (while he is wide awake and fully conscious and I am blissfully dreaming of frolicking puppies and butterflies in sunlit meadows...)

6. I should have just clumped this with the first quirk I divulged, but now that I'm thinking of it, this one really deserves to stand on its own. I LOVE fresh blueberries. Love them. And in the last month or two since they've come into season and have been available in larger quantities for lower prices, I have bought so many that my freezer is overflowing with them. And I would suffer embarrassment to reveal just how many of these little wonders I've the handful... in the last couple of months. Have you ever had a blueberry-induced stomach ache? No, me neither. Just wonderin'.

Oh yeah! And I tag.... Julie G., Angie A., Becky A., Debi T., Ashley P., and Johnna P. Whew! I didn't know if I had six friends! ;)

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tonksfam said...

Just to remind you, my dear Dorese ;) I'm still housesitting until Tuesday...and I forgot to post from the last time I was tagged by another friend. But expect something on our site next week!...though it will be nothing as interesting as Jade's quirks!