Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's play a game: day 4

I discovered Make It and Love It some time ago and fell in love with Ashley's tutorials, her tulips, and her craft room. She's one of those inherently creative people we all know and try to be. She loves her family, loves to craft, and, most importantly to me, loves to share. Have you noticed a trend among those featured in our Game?

So as I've been watching and compiling items for my future feature of Make It and Love It, BAM! She surprises her readers with Brittany! There are no links to a blog or other site for Brittany, but she is now a guest on Make It and Love It for a once-a-week party where she spills the beans on her amazing skill. I'll give you a hint what that might be:

Do yourself a favor and click here or the "Make-a-cake series" button above to go to the first-ever post in the series, titled "The Estelle Cake: Part 1". Let me just say - birthdays in my house just stepped it up a notch!

Go check it out and then come back and let me know what you think! Is this something you've ever been interested in? Can you see yourself ever tackling fondant and trying a fancy cake out? Whadya think?

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Valeigha said...

Those cakes are so cute!! I think maybe one day I would want to try something like that but I am just not that great in the kitchen. So your blog doesn't update itself on my side bar like my other lists of blogs, so I don't know when you have updated. I never even saw the post about Easter bread until now, which looks fun!!