Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok, just one favorite, really. But it is the awesomest, best, most wonderful stuff I have ever come across. This, folks, is the new best friend. Ok, maybe not that... but how can you go wrong with something so...divine? Allow me to introduce you to the hottest item on today's market: Joint Compound.

I tell you, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Ok, ok, I'll be serious now. I'll try anyway. No promises, though. So have you ever used joint compound before? I'm pretty sure there's not a job it can't do. It covers holes, fills cracks, joins and smooths the gap between sheets of sheetrock, curls your hair, washes out of clothes like it's nobody's business; it even comes right out of a paintbrush after sitting and drying all weekend. How do I know this? Because I was bad last week and forgot to wash out the poor brush. Poor, poor brush. But who can tell now that the brush suffered so last weekend? Nobody. Because, though I may have been kidding a little bit about how well it curls your hair (in reality, it just clumps up and makes it stiff... until you wash your hair, at which point it instantly disappears), it is amazing. That is all. But stay tuned for more pictures of behind-the-scenes footage of our extensive work on the Cornelison Mansion!

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