Friday, March 14, 2008

We have appliances!

That's right, folks, we're real live appliance owners now! We went to a big sale last night at one of the appliance stores in town and found good deals on everything we were looking for that we left without needing to do any more searching. Whew! They're black (not stainless steel, as pictured below) and lovely and my refrigerator has never before been home to anything slimy, sticky, or moldy! Victory is mine!

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tonksfam said...

Congratulations you two! It seems like all of our friends are now buying houses and getting appliances and the like. It's almost like we're grown up now! SCARY! Nice fridge, though. Lots of room for ice cream...MMMmmmmm...yes, especially that brownie fudge caramel stuff. You know the one ;)